Hey Sailors! Great News We're Updating Our Entire Site! Not to worry everything will be restored to the new site shortly! We're currently working on it! With our new site there will be lots more videos and content to come, See you on the water! -LaserXD Sailing

If You're looking for an old page, the old siteĀ is still live hereĀ 

LaserXD was founded to provide you with the information you need to become a better sailor and reach your full potential. It doesn't matter whether your goal is to have fun sailing your laser in the summer, win a club race or compete for Olympic gold, we created this site to help you realize your potential.

Laser sailboat racing is a fun, challenging and exciting sport that requires excellent physical and mental endurance to be competitive on a high level. Laser sailing is challenging because the conditions are always changing.

Laser sailboat racing helps you to become a better problem solver and rewards those who can stay calm in the heat of battle. It's easy for things to go from bad to worse in a sailboat race and getting upset only makes things worse causing more mistakes and lost positions. The transformation from first place to commercial fishing vessel takes only seconds.

We'll provide you with the knowledge that will help guide you out of trouble as a sailboat racer. You will be able to understand the racing rules of sailing and the rules of the road as well as a professional. You'll learn how to set the sail shape for racing on any sailboat. You'll learn how to sail fast, have fun and win races!