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Laser XD Sailing was founded to provide you with all the tools you need to sail your fastest.

Tips from top sailors, health and fitness, gear reviews, learn the racing rules of sailing, the physics of sailing and much more!

Laser Sailing : Simple, Fast, Fun!

Laser sailboat racing is a fun, challenging and exciting sport that requires excellent physical and mental endurance to be competitive on a high level. In Sailing the conditions are constantly changing, so there's always something new to learn in the sport of sailing even if you're an Olympic gold medalist or America's Cup Helmsman.

Laser sailing is absolutely one of the most exciting and fun sports there is, A Laser sailboat is a unique boat that can sail in practically no wind all the way up to the most extreme sailing conditions. The Laser is Simple, Fast, Fun and it will demand the best from you!

One Design Sailboat Racing at It's Best

Racing Laser sailboats is One Design Sailboat Racing at its very best! In the Laser Sailboat Class every piece of equipment is built to strict standards which ensures that winning comes down to feel, boat handling and tactical excellence.

The Laser is an Olympic sailing class and the worlds most popular One Design Racing Class! When you sail a Laser Sailboat you can easily feel the power of the wind and the physics of sailing. These same principles apply to every sailboat.

So get our there and have some fun on your Laser!