What Gear Do We Use?





Hiking Strap

Daggerboard Downhaul


  • When stepping the mast catch some wind with the sail to help offset the weight, it makes it much easier to step the mast. When it’s really windy (25kts+) try to wait for a lull and make sure the mast is fully stepped. When it’s really windy the mast will want to tip away from the wind so it’s really important to keep the mast vertical to step it.
  • If you roll your sail, you can leave the battens in. This saves an extra rigging step and the creases in the sail will be reduced. (I leave my battens in year round, it’s much easier!)
  • The vang key can slip out and I’ve had it slip out a couple of times while racing, it’s really hard to get the vang key back in while sailing in big waves and wind (when you need your vang!) To solve this problem We make a vang key strap or alternatively you can tape around the boom with rigging tape.