There are many ways to rig a laser outhaul. We've found a combination of components that work well together providing ultra low friction and easy rigging. We've managed to reduce the friction so much that we no longer feel the need to rig an inhaul. (the bungee that helps ease the outhaul). We've found that this setup works great in all sailing conditions, even without an inhaul.

Main Purchase

We've spliced on Harken T-18 carbo blocks, one of them has an eye splice on on end and is luggage tagged to the boom cleat. The other is spliced to the line that runs to the clew and the cleated control line.

The Clew Purchase

As you can see the tail end of the non-cleated outhaul line is spliced around the end of the boom. This allows much easier rigging while also reducing friction compared to a system that is tied around the fairlead.

The Clew Hook

For the clew hook we opted to create a spliced loop to hold the block on. Alternatively you could luggage tag the block to the clew and skip the clew hook. We like the hook though because you can attach and detach the sail quicker. This setup has worked great even in 35kts+

What did we use?



  • Harken T-18 Carbo Ball Bearing Blocks


How Long Are The Laser Outhaul Lines?

-The Cleated Line is 14ft or ~4m

-The Non-Cleated Line is 5ft or ~1.5m

-The lines are also attached with 7/64" Samson Dyneema, so about 2ft extra is needed to splice the clew block and create the luggage tags