Padded Laser Toestrap

Trusted by Olympians, The Rooster Hiking Strap uses a special material which provides extra grip for demanding hiking conditions. The Rooster hiking strap keeps you connected to the boat, These straps have been developed with the help of top international … Read More

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Rooster Sailing Polilite Mainsheet Laser Vanguard
Rooster Sailing Polilite Mainsheet Laser Vanguard
Rooster Polilite 6mm

Laser Mainsheet Length is 41ft
6mm Rooster Polilite by the foot

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Laser Pro Daggerboard Downhaul Class Legal
Pro Laser Daggerboard Downhaul

-Class Legal
-Complete Kit
-Keeps Your Board Down
-Attaches in seconds
-Quick Release
-No metal parts

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Laser Pro Outhaul

Knotless Design Pro Laser Outhaul complete with Harken t-18 blocks, high performance dyneema lines, clew block. Laser Class Legal

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Laser Sailboat Inhaul

Inhaul for the Laser Sailboat which helps ease the outhaul for the ultimate performance
Rigs without tying any knots!

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harken t18 carbo block
harken t18 carbo block
Harken Carbo T18

The best sailing blocks, trusted by olympians

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Rooster Carbon Tiller Extension Racing Ben Ainsle Sailboat Sailing 3
Rooster Carbon Tiller Extension

Tiller Extension of Choice By Gold Medalist Ben Ainsle and top sailors around the world

for your laser we recommend the 1.25m/49″ length and 25mm

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laser xd Cunningham kit
Laser 6:1 Cunningham
Laser 6:1 Cunningham

Complete Cunningham system
-Lines are 7/64″ and 1/8″ Samson Amsteel Dyneema
-Blocks are Harken T-18 Carbo
-Class Legal

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Laser Auto Bailor Spring
Laser Auto Bailor Spring
Rooster Sailing Laser Auto Bailer Spring

These bailer spring plates are manufactured using the highest quality spring stainless steel, designed to both retract using spring tension, and at the same time providing a surface for the activator to push against to close the chute.

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Pro Laser Clew Strap

This clew strap slides easily allowing easy rigging and outhaul adjustment.

This is designed for optimum racing performance

handmade in the USA


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Laser Vang Key Strap

The Laser Vang Key Strap is guaranteed to keep your vang / kicker connected. There’s nothing worth than having a great race only have your vang key slip out and your boom fall off on the run! This strap will … Read More

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Samson Amsteel Blue Dyneema Rope

Samson Amsteel Blue Dyneema Racing Rope (Grey) AmSteel®-Blue is a torque-free 12-strand single braid that yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and, size-for-size, is the same strength as steel—but it’s so light, it floats. AmSteel®-Blue is an excellent wire rope … Read More

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Dyneema Soft Shackle 2.75 mm

Super strong lightweight Samson Amsteel Blue Soft Shackle

Save weight and protect your boat with super strong soft shackles

1600lbs tensile strength

Diameter: 2.75 mm or 7/64″

 Handmade in the USA

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Laser Vectran Traveler

Performance Laser Traveler made from 1/4″ Yale Vectrus Vectran with spliced loops at both ends -Yale Vectrus is 100% Vectran which is a super strong low stretch single braid line -the spliced loops provide a handle and ultra low profile … Read More

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Laser Sailboat Outhaul Clew Block

This clew block is for upgrading your laser sailboat outhaul

The block luggage tags to the clew of the sail for ultra high performance

It can stay fixed to the sail when the boat is de-rigged for convenience and quick easy rigging.

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Rooster Carbon Laser Sailboat Tiller
Rooster Carbon Laser Sailboat Tiller 3
Rooster Carbon Laser Tiller

The strongest tiller on the market

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Non-Stick Racing Tell Tales

Three Red and Three Green Sail Telltales

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laser control line handle vang cunningham outhaul
Racing Handles (3-pack)
Racing Handles (3-pack)

These handles protect your hands very well and help you get more power into your control lines.

On the days when it’s vang on, cunningham on these handles protect your hands from getting absolutely shredded

These provide lightweight mildew resistant comfort for sailing, so you can keep your focus on winning races!

3-pack of handles – covers vang, cunningham and outhaul

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Laser Big Rudder Bolt

biggest bolt, perfect fit, keeps your rudder down!

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