Laser 6:1 Cunningham


Complete Cunningham system
-Lines are 7/64″ and 1/8″ Samson Amsteel Dyneema
-Blocks are Harken T-18 Carbo
-Class Legal


The Ultimate Laser Sailboat Racing Cunningham Designed for easy rigging without any knots and the ultimate sailing performance.

*Updated design replaces the soft shackle with a luggage tag (shown in the main picture) This makes for even easier rigging.

There’s no guessing with our control package, each system is hand built to our strict specifications

our system has many performance benefits

  • ultra low friction with Harken T-18 Carbo blocks and Samson Amsteel Dyneema
  • doesn’t get caught on the goosneck
  • brings the draft farther forward than conventional systems
  • keeps clear of the vang
  • no metal parts, clips, shackles that can get caught or damage the spars
  • reduces excess line in the cockpit, less chance for tangles
  • can be rigged on one side for extreme conditions (to bring the tack lower than the boom0
  • ultra lightweight and high strength


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