Laser Vectran Traveler


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Product Description

Performance Laser Traveler made from 1/4″ Yale Vectrus Vectran with spliced loops at both ends

-Yale Vectrus is 100% Vectran which is a super strong low stretch single braid line

-the spliced loops provide a handle and ultra low profile attachment under the tiller

for maximum sail efficiency in a laser the traveler blocks have to stay right up to the traveler fairleads. The leech of the sail should point directly off the stern, you can think of the leech of the sail like a jet engine, if the blocks rise to the center of the boat, it’s like aiming the jet engine at an angle (to windward). If the blocks are snug up to the fairleads the jet engine is pointing straight back off the stern.

this setup is designed to provide the best mechanical advantage and low friction with the traveler blocks which helps during quick tacks and gybes




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