Water Bottle Holder


This laser sailboat water bottle holder keeps your water bottle strapped in and out of the way, easily unstraps when you’re thirsty, holds your bottle tight during racing and day sailing.

-Universal Fit (works great with gatorade 24oz bottles, these are also soft and won’t ding up your boat or you)

-Quick Velcro Release

-Available with 32 oz Gatorade Bottle (BPA Free)

-Workmanship Guaranteed for 5 Years with Free Replacement!

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Our Soft Design Sailing Water Bottle Holder keeps your water bottle on board during roll tacks, gybes and extreme wipeouts

Velcro Strap attaches and releases in just seconds and will hold even a full 40oz+ water bottle on board

This is designed to keep the mouth of the water bottle elevated to reduce the chance of sea water getting in your bottle

Universal Fit – Will work with almost any water bottle

Available with a 32 oz Gatorade sports bottle (BPA Free)

No Metal Parts, keeps your boat from getting scratched

Made in the USA

Gatorade Bottle Features:

  • Holds 32 ounces of liquid
  • Hands-free pressure-release dispenser tip allows for easy use
  • Built-in valve prevents leaking and spilling
  • Screw-on lid with wide opening
  • Translucent fluid-level indicator displays the amount of liquid
  • Easy-grip design minimizes the chance of the bottle slipping or dropping
  • BPA free

“I’ve lost my water bottle a bunch of times, rounding marks in big waves, wiping out… So I came up with this soft holder and although I’ve wiped out pretty good and my water bottle has never gone missing! I use this at least once a week year round on my laser” – AJ (creator and user)

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