What You’ll Need

  • 11ft (3.35m) of 3/16 inch (5mm) Dyneema or Vectran Single Braid Line
  • A Splicing Fid or Substitute
  • Rigging/Electrical Tape

Rigging Steps

Lets Get Started, first you’ll need a spliced loop in one end or alternatively you can tie a bowline and wrap it in rigging tape so it doesn’t come undone. (Contact Us if you’d like to order a pre-cut and spliced traveler line) The reason we splice our lines is that they never come undone, they’re stronger than knots, and they keep a low profile. Dyneema and Vectran are very strong lines. To cut the line neatly you’ll need a rope cutter/hot knife, very sharp knife or sharp scissors.

You want to start by threading the end without the loop through one of the traveler fairleads. Next, through the traveler block and then through the other traveler fairlead. Then thread the end through the loop towards the transom.

Now we’re going to thread the end without a loop through itself. It’s easier if you grab the line with both hands and push your hands together. This loosens up the braid and makes it much easier to thread the line through. Next, thread the line through itself with a fid or similar object. There are lots of household items that will work in place of a splicing fid for example a ball pen/pencil/wire and some rigging tape. What you’ll want to do in this case is stick the pen/pencil through the middle of the line. Then tape the end of the line with some rigging tape so that there is a tail that will fit through the center of the line. Stick the tail through and pull the line through. If you’re using vectran you’ll need a fid because it’s more rigid, dyneema can be spliced with a piece of wire. (video coming on this)

Stick a piece of rigging tape around the splice to keep the line from loosening when not under load. You want the traveler to as tight as you can get it at this point since it will maximize the purchase that you’re able to get. This will help keep the traveler from slipping loose while you’re sailing. You’ll still be able to loosen the traveler and it may become slightly stretched over time depending on which type of rope you use.

Lastly, tape the loose end of the line so that it doesn’t fray. Then pull the line through the cleat and tie an 8 knot. That’s it! You’re Ready to Race.