The Ronstan Clearstart Sailboat Racing Watch / Timer

Change Countdown Modes

HOLD the "SYNC" button and PRESS the "PROG" button

Countdown Modes Summary

  • 5,4,1,0 - this is a 5 minute countdown with more beep warnings especially in the last minute, helpful for timing busy starts on big boats.
  • 5m - standard 5 minute start, warning beeps at 30, 20, 10 seconds and then 10-0 seconds.
  • 3m - standard 3 minute start, typical for Lasers and Dinghy one design racing, warning beeps at 30, 20, 10 seconds and then 10-0 seconds.
  • 1m - one minute countdown, this is useful if you have a non standard starting sequence such as 2 or 4 minutes, warning beeps at 30, 20, 10 seconds and then 10-0 seconds.

Set The Time

  • HOLD "CLEAR" for 2 seconds, the hour will start blinking
  • PRESS "PROG" to change the hour by one hour or HOLD "PROG" to go quickly through numbers
  • To change between 12 and 24 hour modes PRESS the RED START BUTTON while the hour is blinking
  • PRESS "MODE" to switch to minutes
  • PRESS "CLEAR" to exit

The Good

The face is huge and you can't miss the numbers even when it's really windy and wavy. The modes are easy to use and you can quickly change from 3 minute sound starting to 5 minute or other alternative starting sequences.

I like the automatic count up feature after the start except that I usually end up hitting the stop button by accident while trimming sails and crossing the boat. The sync feature is an absolute must have for sailboat racing and I can't tell you how many times it's come in handy. It's one of the most used features because it's easy to miss a gun in extreme conditions.

I also like the fact that it functions as a watch with both 12hr and 24hr modes. You can quickly switch between the timer and clock without any disruptions. The sound signals are nice except that you can't possible hear them with 50 laser sails flapping in 15kts of wind. When it's light air in a big fleet you can hear tons of Clearstart watches beeping almost perfectly in sync. .

The Bad

There's really only one disadvantage to the clearstart that I've found and it's the plastic clip that holds the watch on your arm or mast won't last long, Mine broke in only a couple of weeks after normal conservative use. I almost lost the timer as it fell off during the starting sequence.

Rather than replace the plastic clip we've created a neoprene covered watch strap that will hold up the the most extreme racing conditions. Replacement bands are available in our store.