First find the serial number or hull identification number (HIN) on the hull. The serial will be located on the transom of the hull or under the bow eye on very old lasers. All boats manufactured after 1972 are required to have a HIN.

On new laser hulls the sail number is located on a sticker in the rear of the cockpit. example: #201234

The first three characters of the serial number indicate the builder.

  • PFS = Performance Sailcraft (1971-1974) (Montreal, Québec, Canada: still manufacturing outside of the Americas.)
  • ZFS = Performance Sailcraft (1974 [as per hulls 16950-51626]-1985) (Point Claire, Québec)
  • PSC = Performance Sailcraft (19??-19??)
  • PSL = Performance Sailcraft USA (Owner Don Trask, San Rafael CA, 1973 to early '80s?)
  • PSI = Performace Sailcraft International (South Africa, until 1989)
  • ZID = Laser International (Ontario 1984-1991) Reincarnation of original Laser builder. (Also known as Performance Sailcraft Canada.)
  • PSB = Pearson Small Boats (1989-1991) (RI)
  • SLI = Sunfish Laser Inc (1991 to March 1997) New manufacturing facility.
  • OQT = Vanguard Sailboats Inc., RI (March 1997 to present) Initials stand for Quarter Moon Inc. Production continued in SLI facility which Vanguard purchased.

The next five characters are the sail number.

Boats with sail number 100,000 and higher will have a letter to indicate the first two digits of the sail number. A = 10, B = 11, C = 12, D = 13, E = 14, F = 15, G = 16, H = 17, I = 18, J = 19

For example if the serial number is: OQT J1234 Z205 then the sail number is 191234. The first two digits "19" being indicated by the character "J".

The remaining characters indicate when the boat was built and the model year. These vary by builder but may include the month and year the boat was built.

On early Lasers the last four digits of the serial number might be missing.

Here's another example, if the serial/HIN reads: SLI F1929 J189

What is your sail number?